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The FieldLine HEDscan system is a non-invasive, wearable magnetoencephalography (MEG) device based on our optically-pumped magnetometer (OPM) sensor technology. Small quantum sensors are placed directly on the head to record and map neural activity with high fidelity. Our light-weight, wearable HEDscan helmets can accommodate people of all ages and head sizes.

The HEDscan device can be used in any room of any medical facility, without the need for expensive building modifications.


Allows for movement

High Density

Compact OPM sensors

Scalable Design

Up to 512 sensors

Plug & Play

Fully integrated, minutes to data collection

Benefits of HEDscan

Infants to Adults
All head shapes and sizes
Allows for movement
Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
Placed in any room and facility
Small shields

HEDscan System

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Magnetic Shields

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High Density Helmets

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